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Database Strategies

Lead Tracking

Sales people are notoriously known for not completing lead tracking reports. Our lead tracking system is easy to complete, it takes just a few minutes each month. 

Continuous, effective management of the sales pipeline is critical. Studies show that prospects that buy later produce four times as many buys as those that buy soon. 

Proper pipeline management using our lead tracking system provides powerful benefits: 

·        Keeps the sales people hovering over the most highly qualified prospects 

·        Determines ROI of lead generation efforts 

·        Allows management to coach sales people and hold them accountable 

·        Provides management with a complete sales pipeline if the sales person leaves your company

Drip Marketing

True prospects should be “touched” on a regular basis. Our drip marketing offering allows planned mailings, e-mail campaigns, calling, etc. to increase brand recognition and provide leads. 

The most effective new customer lead generation is a process, not an event. In fact, studies indicate that a prospect must see a product/service or company’s name five to eight times before the prospect remembers it. 

Drip marketing keeps your company in front of the prospect so that when the time is right (their needs change, their present supplier makes a mistake, they want to check prices, they want to consider a secondary supplier, etc.) they will contact you! When you drip market you are contacting the prospect which often results in a lead. Drip marketing works both ways (they contact you and you contact them). 

The most important factors in successful drip marketing are knowing that the company is a true prospect and knowing the key contact at the company who cares about what you’re selling. Without a database of true prospects and the correct contacts, your creative has little chance of getting in the hands of the right people!

Database Mining

Many companies have data (dormant customers, previous bids, trade show attendees, web lists, etc) that could prove to be invaluable if the data is cleansed and appended to suit their needs. We can mine potentially invaluable data and turn it into gold.

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