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How to be a Hunter

Selling to new account prospects is very different than selling to customers. When selling to new account prospects, the sales person has no rapport with the contact and must start from zero in developing needs / pains / frustrations / wants. 

Unfortunately, many sales people lead with the virtues and capabilities of their products or services. This is the kiss of death when selling to cold prospects! 

“How To Be A Hunter” is customized to fit the specific selling situation of each of our clients. It helps farmers become hunters and helps hunters become even more effective. Topics include:

  • How to develop rapport with and ask tough questions to someone you don’t know 

  • How to deal with “I’m happy with the way things are” 

  • How to develop known needs / pains / frustrations / wants 

  • How to develop unknown needs / pains / frustrations / wants 

  • How to determine the next step 

  • How to hover 

  • The importance of perserverance in going after new customers 

  • Overcoming call reluctance 

  • Sales cycle structure

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