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For many companies PIC™ is the fastest, most cost effective way to acquiring new customers. That's quite a statement, but it's proven!

The Prospect Intelligence Center™ (PIC) will allow your sales people to concentrate (hover) on qualified new account prospects. When a highly qualified prospect is identified, your sales team should hover, enentually getting the order. Studies show that 73% of the time companies try a new supplier it's because they sense indifference from their present supplier and/or they are lured into relationships with competitive suppliers for no other reason that the persistence and persuasiveness of their sales person. Your sales people should be hovering ver the true prospects, not dialling for dollars. PIC™ allows this to happen.

At the same time, PIC™ will allow you to "touch" qualified new account prospects so you can be there at the right time (drip marketing). PIC™ is a very powerful, cost effective process, not an event. It provides immediate and on-going leads.

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