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There's no business like new business! Let Crook & Associates do the digging so your sales team can focus their time and expertise following up on highly qualified new business leads.


How can we generate highly qualified new business leads for you?

  • Call targeted suspect lists

  • Cleanse and feed your internal database to enhance the results of your additional marketing efforts. 

  • Qualify trade show lists/leads

  • Qualify web inquiries

  • Association lists

  • Family trees


Starting with a strong database is the key driver of any successful marketing campaign. We will collaborate with you to develop a highly targeted list of prospects.

We will perform a detailed market segment analysis of your customer base to profile of your ideal target customer. Identify where your customers are in terms of:

  • Industry Segments

  • Annual Revenue

  • Employee Count

  • Facility square footage

  • Key influencers/decision makers


PIC™ is our flagship solution. A powerful, turn-key lead generation process developed by Crook & Associates that provides our customers with:

  • An immediate and steady flow of highly qualified new business leads

  • Detailed market analysis that profiles your ideal customer, allowing us to target other potential customers.

  • Availability of a database of over 21,000,000 companies at no charge to you.

  • Sole ownership of all intelligence gathered so you can pinpoint drip market to decision makers at companies that use what you sell.


Selling to prospects is vastly different from selling to customers and referrals. Learn how to quickly create rapport and uncover pains/needs. How to become a hunter. Aggressively and effectively following-up on new business opportunities.

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